Meet 2021 Toyota Fortuner With a Built-in Toilet

My1sttoday: Meet 2021 Toyota Fortuner with a built-in toilet. Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUV in the world. It has been in the market for a very long time and it is still loved by those who want a butch looking SUV that can handle any terrain. Fortuner is also popular in the market for its reliability, durability, off-road capabilities and low cost of maintenance.

This aggressive SUV from Toyota competes with likes of Ford Endeavour, MG Gloster in the segment. We have seen examples of tastefully modified Fortuner SUVs on the internet and here we have a Toyota Fortuner with a very unique modification. What is it? lets have a look at the video below.

The video has been uploaded by Revokid Vlogs on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger showing the Toyota Fortuner from outside. This is a 2021 model Toyota Fortuner facelift top-end variant. He starts by showing the boot of the SUV. The space inside the boot on this Fortuner has been partially utilised for installing the toilet setup.

This is India’s first Toyota Fortuner to get this feature. And yes it’s awesome, very useful especially when you’re on a road trip and you’re not ready to use a public toilet. The customisation has been done by Ojes garage which does customisation work on cars and caravans. The Toyota Fortuner seen in this video looks stock from outside. The only noticeable change on this modification are the tyres. The stock highway terrain tyres have been replaced for 18 inch tyres.

The vlogger then moves inside the SUV to show the built-in toilet. One of the seats from the third row has been removed to installed the toilet inside the car. The toilet can be accessed by simply folding the second row seats. We have seen similar style of toilet setup in Caravans but, this is the first time it is being done on a Fortuner SUV. The toilet has been installed properly and the flooring has been redone for this particular modification.

The video also mentions that the car comes with dedicated water tank for the toilet. Even if the car is being driven on a rough surface, the water won’t spill inside the car. Other than this no major modifications have been made to the SUV, hoping to see this modified Toyota Fortuner in the United States.

Toyota Fortuner is a capable SUV and it is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel engine in the facelifted Fortuner generates more power and torque. It is powered by a 2.8 litre diesel engine that generates 205 Ps and 500 Nm of peak torque. The petrol version is powered by a 2.7 litre engine that generates 165 Ps and 245 Nm of peak torque. Both petrol and diesel are available with manual and automatic transmission options but only the diesel version comes with 4×4 as an option.

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