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My1sttoday is an ambitious multimedia publication platform founded in 2018.

We deliver the latest/breaking news on daily basis, everything happening on Politics. We also covers updates from the wide ranging technology, Gaming, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Travel and Lifestyle, breaking information in digestible format peppered with commentary, wit, and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

If you’re looking for the latest reports and updates in general, My1sttoday is where you want to be.

Meet The Team

My1sttoday Staff
Theophilus M:(Founder and CEO of My1sttoday Media)/Favorite quote: What goes around comes back around…
My1sttoday Staff
Rose Chelsey:(Co-founder of My1sttoday)/Studied Administrative assistant and secretarial science in Weber State University, UT. Movie lover, obsessed with political affairs. When she’s not writing, she’s eating Cheese with hot chocolate.
My1sttoday Staff
Peter Brooks:(Staff)/Badass Gamer and Tech Enthusiast!
My1sttoday Staff
Jake Toms:(Staff)/Science Lover and Football Freak..
Christine Palmer
Christine Palmer:(Staff)/She loves pizza, anytime she ain’t writing or reading, she’s on the couch streaming Netflix. Oh yeah and she’s a die hard pet lover.