Android 10 is Coming to The Nintendo Switch

Android 10 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The same people who originally brought Android to the Nintendo Switch, the Switchroot team, are back with an Android 10 update, according to XDA-Developers.

It’s worth noting, that the the mod is only available for certain Switch models, it allows users who install it to run apps from the Google Play Store, like games, emulators, and streaming services like Netflix and Twitch.

The update also brings some more polish to the mod, letting the Joy-Con sticks work as proper analog sticks instead of eight-way D-pads, deep sleep support that the devs say “can last for weeks,” over-the-air updates, and better Wi-Fi support that promises fewer disconnections.

If you’re so craving to have Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and PSP emulators on your Switch, I recommend you should give this awesome mod a shot.

But you’re also not giving up the ability to play Switch games, as Android is installed on a microSD card instead of being flashed to the console itself.


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