Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Play The Role of Greek Most Powerful god “Zeus” in An Upcoming Film

My1sttoday Entertainment: Arnold Schwarzenegger will play the role of Greek most powerful god “Zeus” in an upcoming film.

Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger will turn himself into the greatest of all the Greek gods for an upcoming presumably a movie, called simply “Zeus.”

With just an avatar and a few words on Instagram, he shared the poster for the upcoming film, showing his white-bearded visage while wearing golden body armor.

The actor, who was once Governor of California, shared the news on Thursday, adding just a cryptic caption that intoned, “Coming February 2022.”

Indeed Schwarzenegger himself is at this point an icon who has attained almost a mythic quality as a movie star. Of course most of the movies that put Schwarzenegger in the realm of the iconic-to-mythic – The Terminator, Total Recall, Predator, True Lies and others – are by this point well in the past.

In recent years the actor has in fact taken on more of a general pop culture figure role, appearing in random videos to smash things with tanks or chastise people for not getting vaccinated, while occasionally making a movie where he mostly leans into his classic action-hero persona in a winking and sometimes even meta way.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears as White-Bearded Greek Most Powerful God “Zeus”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears as White-Bearded Greek Most Powerful God "Zeus"
Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears as White-Bearded Greek Most Powerful God “Zeus” in a Project Coming Up On February 2022

Schwarzenegger looks vengeful and angry as the king of all the Greek gods, as thunderbolts fly in the darkened skies in the background.

The veteran actor’s post went viral, with fans and followers excited about the upcoming event — in whatever form it might take. The 74-year-old’s son, Joseph Baena, a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, commented, “Oh god of the sky, please bless my pump today.”

There is in fact nothing listed among Schwarzenegger’s upcoming projects that sees him playing Zeus. His only pending 2022 movie is Kung Fury 2 where he plays the president. His other upcoming projects include Triplets, which sees him reprising his Twins role alongside Danny DeVito, as well as The Legend of Conan (in which he obviously plays Conan) and the TV shows Utap and Outrider.

According to a report in the magazine Men’s Health, the teaser might not be for a feature film of the Greek god in his old age but rather for a Super Bowl commercial which will be run during the game on February 13.

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