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‘I Just Became a DOGE Coin Millionaire’ Meet The 33-Year-Old Glauber Who Followed Elon Musk Footsteps and Invested His Life Savings on DOGE


My1sttoday: ‘I just became a DOGE coin millionaire’ meet the 33-year-old Glauber who followed Elon Musk footsteps and invested his life savings on DOGE.

Glauber Contessoto says that on April 15 at 6:00 p.m. PDT, he became a ‘Dogecoin millionaire’.

“I was up all night staring at my screen,” Contessoto, 33, said.

After learning about the meme cryptocurrency on Reddit, Contessoto says he invested over $180,000 in Dogecoin on Feb. 5, when it was priced at about 4.5 cents.

Contessoto was intrigued by Dogecoin for a few reasons.

For one, he loved the Reddit community surrounding the digital coin, as its base had grown substantially since Dogecoin’s creation as a joke in 2013. He also appreciated that it was inspired by the Shiba Inu “Doge” meme, he says.

And like many holders of Dogecoin, “a reason why I put my life savings into Dogecoin is Elon Musk,” who has repeatedly tweeted about the cryptocurrency. Though it’s unclear if Musk’s tweets in support of the coin have been serious, “I think the guy is a genius,” Contessoto says.

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Although, Contessoto is very bullish on Dogecoin’s growth, and thought that it could help him build “generational wealth” to pass on to his future family. “I grew up really poor,” he says, “so this is a huge deal for me.”

Contessoto (who works at a music company in Los Angeles) says he didn’t have disposable income to buy Dogecoin, so he took a huge risk. Contessoto not only used all his savings, but he also sold all the stock he owned, including shares of Tesla and Uber, and invested on margin by borrowing money from Robinhood via the app, he says.

'I Just Became a DOGE Coin Millionaire' Meet The 33-Year-Old Glauber Who Followed Elon Musk Footsteps and Invested His Life Savings on DOGE
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His friends were critical of the meme cryptocurrency and warned him to be careful.

“Dude, it’s a pump-and-dump [scheme],” one of his friends said in a text message. “It’s going to zero, eventually.”

Furthermore..Dogecoin does not have a supply cap like bitcoin does, all of this making it a much more risky investment, according to experts.

Still, Contessoto stuck with his investment plans and then continued to hold the cryptocurrency.

About two months later, on the night of April 15, the price of Dogecoin began to surge. That week, Dogecoin spiked 400%, and on April 16, it defied odds as it hit a market capitalization of $49 billion, according to CoinGecko. Dogecoin ultimately reached a record high of around 45 cents.

Some speculate that the rally was a result of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase going public on April 14, which also drove an increase in the prices of bitcoin and ether. Others attribute Dogecoin’s spike in price to tweets by Musk that nod to the popular crypto-slang phrase “to the moon.”

Whatever the case, Contessoto realized that meant his Dogecoin investment had grown to be worth over $1 million.

“I was excited about it. I was very new to Reddit, so I wanted to make a post,” he says.

The next day, under his username iUsedToCallDogeDodge, Contessoto posted on subreddit r/dogecoin. He wrote, “Hey guys I just became a Dogecoin millionaire,” and attached a screenshot of his Dogecoin holdings on Robinhood, showing a balance of $1,081,441.29.

“It went viral,” he says.

Though this was an unusual surge for the cryptocurrency, Contessoto doesn’t intend to sell anytime soon.

“My plan is, once I hit $10 million, then I’ll take out 10%,” he says. In his opinion, “this stuff is going to continue to grow.”

Dogecoin began to lose steam on Tuesday, and now, the cryptocurrency is trading at about 28 cents, according to CoinGecko, with a market value of about $36 billion.

Despite the decline, Contessoto is still “hovering over $1 million,” he says.

Eight years ago, Dogecoin was created as a parody faster and “fun” alternative to bitcoin by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

Though some retail investors have profited from its recent surge, experts warn that people should only invest what they can afford to lose.

President Biden: U.S Troops Will Leave Afghanistan By September 11: ‘It’s Time to End America’s Longest War’

U.S Economy Adds Whopping 916,000 Jobs as Recovery Hasten Under Biden Administration
President Biden/My1sttoday

My1sttoday — President Biden: U.S troops will leave Afghanistan by September 11: ‘It’s time to end America’s longest war’.

President Joe Biden formally announced his decision to end America’s longest war on Wednesday, deeming the prolonged and intractable conflict in Afghanistan no longer aligned with American priorities.

Biden said he would withdraw US troops from Afghanistan before September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that launched the war in the first place.

Those origins had long given way to other objectives, and Biden declared Wednesday that no amount of time or money could solve the problems his three predecessors had tried and failed to fix.

“War in Afghanistan was never meant to be a multigenerational undertaking,” Biden said during his remarks from the White House Treaty Room, the same location from which President George W. Bush had announced the war was beginning in October 2001.

“We were attacked. We went to war with clear goals. We achieved those objectives,” Biden went on. “Bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is degraded in Afghanistan and it’s time to end the forever war.”

It was a decisive moment for a President not yet 100 days into the job. Biden has spent months weighing his decision, and he determined a war in Afghanistan that has killed some 2,300 US troops and cost more than $2 trillion no longer fit within the pressing foreign policy concerns of 2021.

The deadline Biden has set is absolute, with no potential for extension based on worsening conditions on the ground. Officials said that after two decades of war, it was clear to the President that throwing more time and money at Afghanistan’s problems wasn’t going to work, even as senior military and national security advisers cautioned against a full withdrawal.

“We cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan hoping to create the ideal conditions for our withdrawal, expecting a different result,” Biden said.

“I am now the fourth American president to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats,” he went on. “I will not pass this responsibility to a fifth.”

Biden said the withdrawal will begin on May 1, in line with an agreement President Donald Trump’s administration made with the Taliban. Some US troops will remain to protect American diplomats, though officials have declined to provide a precise number.

Biden said American diplomatic and humanitarian efforts would continue in Afghanistan and that the US would support peace efforts between the Afghan government and the Taliban. But he was unequivocal that two decades after it began, the Afghanistan War is ending.

“It is time to end America’s longest war. It is time for American troops to come home,” he said in his speech”.

Afterward, as he was visiting the section of Arlington National Cemetery where war dead from Afghanistan are buried, Biden was asked whether his decision had been hard to make.

“No, it wasn’t,” he said. “To me it was absolutely clear.”

Both of Biden’s most recent predecessors sought to end the war in Afghanistan, only to be drawn back in by devolving security and attempts to prop up the government. Biden made a different calculation that the US and the world must simply move on.

The White House selected the Treaty Room specifically to provide a bookend to the two-decade-long conflict, which began before some of the Americans currently deployed in Afghanistan were born. Biden said he had spoken with Bush on Tuesday ahead of announcing his decision to withdraw troops.

“While he and I have had many disagreements over policy throughout the years, we are absolutely united in our respect and support for the valor, courage and integrity of the women and men of the United States forces who’ve served,” Biden said.

He also spoke with Obama, with whom he sometimes disagreed over Afghanistan policy when serving as vice president. In a statement, Obama said Biden had made the right decision.

“After nearly two decades of putting our troops in harm’s way, it is time to recognize that we have accomplished all that we can militarily, and that it’s time to bring our remaining troops home,” he wrote.

After decades of Afghanistan-focused national security meetings and decisions, Biden’s foreign policy priorities now lie elsewhere: in Asia, where he hopes to compete with China, and in Russia, whose President he spoke with Tuesday and proposed an upcoming summit.

“We went to Afghanistan because of a horrific attack that happened 20 years ago. That cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021,” Biden said. “Rather than return to war with the Taliban, we have to focus on the challenges that are in front of us.”

‘iPhone User’ Mysteriously Lost $600,000 Life Saving From Scam ‘Bitcoin App’ On Apple’s Store

iPhone User Lost $600,000 Life Saving From Scam Bitcoin App On Apple's Store

My1sttoday: ‘iPhone User’ mysteriously lost $600,000 life saving from scam ‘Bitcoin app’ On Apple’s store.

An iPhone user has lost over $600,000 after a scamming cryptocurrency app was cleared by Apple’s stringent App Store policies.

Philippe Christodoulou wanted to check the value of his 17.1 bitcoins, and instead came to a disastrous realization of having to deal with losing his life savings.

As reported by The Washington Post, to access the wallet, he decided to download the Trezor app (a company that’s known for its hardware wallets) on the iOS App Store. The app looked just like the original with the green background and the padlock logo, so without hesitating, he downloaded the app. However, later he found out that would be one of the worst mistakes of his life.

The app was fake and it was designed to look legit and fool innocent people into entering their confidential details and within no time, Christodoulou found out that his bitcoins were stolen from him. According to the report, he had hoped his bitcoins would have helped in saving his dry-cleaning business which was affected by the pandemic.

Apple has had a reputation for being the most secure when it comes to its app on its App Store, at least when compared to Google’s Play Store. Apps on the App Store are known to go through a stringent process of verifications before they go live on the store.

iPhone User Lost $600,000 Life Saving From Scam Bitcoin App On Apple's Store
Getty Images

Apple claims that at the time of signing up, the app posed to be a cryptography app used to encrypt iPhone files and passwords and at the time the app developer had highlighted that the app has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. But after the app got submitted, it soon turned into a crypto wallet and slipped right under Apple’s radar.

Oddly enough, Trezor’s App is only available on Android and the original report highlights that the company had notified Apple and Google about fake apps for a few years now. The fake Trezor app is no longer available on the App Store.

Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz has said in a statement to Washington Post, “User trust is at the foundation of why we created the ‌App Store‌, and we have only deepened that commitment in the years since.”

He added, “Study after study has shown that the ‌App Store‌ is the most secure app marketplace in the world, and we are constantly at work to maintain that standard and to further strengthen the ‌App Store‌’s protections. In the limited instances when criminals defraud our users, we take swift action against these actors as well as to prevent similar violations in the future.”

It is important to note that Apple has not revealed how often scam apps are found in the store. However, Apple has admitted to removing 6,500 apps last year due to ‘hidden or undocumented features.

Bill Gate is Divorcing His Wife Melinda After 27 Years of Marriage

Bill Gate is Divorcing His Wife Melinda After 27 Years of Marriage

My1sttoday: Bill Gate is divorcing his wife Melinda after 27 years of marriage.

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, who is co-chair of their philanthropic foundation, filed a divorce after their 27-year of marriage, according to a statement the both posted on their verified Twitter accounts.

“After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” said the statement, which was signed by both people.

The couple have three children together and jointly formed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which oversees the charitable ventures to which the billionaire philanthropist couple have devoted their fortune.

“We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives,” they said.

Over 400 U.S Businesses Sign On To Support LGBTQ Rights Legislation

House Passes Sweeping Protections Rights For LGBTQ People

My1sttoday: Over 400 U.S businesses sign on to support LGBTQ rights legislation.

Hundreds of companies have signed on to a coalition in support of the Equality Act, a sweeping civil rights bill that increases protections for LGBTQ people in areas including education, housing and employment.

The Human Rights Campaign announced in a statement that 416 companies, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, have signed on to its Business Coalition for the Equality Act. According to the organization, the companies collectively employ more than 14.6 million people in the U.S.

The large companies that joined the alliance are Apple, PepsiCo, General Motors, CVS, Facebook, Marriott, Capital One, Starbucks and Home Depot.

“We are seeing growing support from business leaders because they understand that the Equality Act is good for their employees, good for their businesses and good for our country,” Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David said in a statement, according to The AP.

House Passes Sweeping Protections Rights For LGBTQ People
LGBTQ activists and supporters block the street outside the U.S. Supreme Court as it hears arguments in a major LGBT rights case on whether a federal anti-discrimination law that prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sex covers gay and transgender employees in Washington, U.S. October 8, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The House passed the Equality Act in February, largely along party lines in a 224-206 vote. Three Republicans crossed the aisle in support of the bill: Reps. Tom Reed (N.Y.), John Katko (N.Y.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.).

The measure, if passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Biden, would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Jury Selection and Services Act by expanding existing protections to cover sexual orientation and gender identity.

“It’s time for the Senate to listen to the business community and the public and pass this long overdue legislation,” David added.

“It’s time that civil rights protections be extended to LGBT+ individuals nationwide on a clear, consistent, and comprehensive basis,” IBM Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Carla Grant Pickens said in a statement included in the Human Rights Campaign’s announcement.

Joe Biden Just Won Himself a Second Term Ticket With His Outstanding Address To Congress

Joe Biden Just Won Himself a Second Term Ticket With His Outstanding Address To Congress

My1sttodday: Joe Biden just won himself a second term ticket with his outstanding address to Congress.

President Biden laid out a record of accomplishment in his first 100 days that is already enough to get him a second term ticket.

Video of Biden saying that he has created more jobs in the first 100 days than any other president.

President Biden said:

That’s why the American Rescue Plan is delivering food and nutrition assistance to millions of Americans facing hunger – and hunger is down sharply already.

We’re also providing:
Rental assistance to keep people from being evicted from their homes. Providing loans to keep small businesses open and their employees on the job.

During these 100 days, an additional 800,000 Americans enrolled in the Affordable Care Act because I established a special sign up period to do that.

We’re making one of the largest one-time investments ever in improving health care for veterans.

Critical investments to address the opioid crisis.

And, maybe most importantly, thanks to the American Rescue Plan, we are on track to cut child poverty in America in half this year.

In the process, the economy created more than 1.3 million new jobs in 100 days.

More new jobs in the first 100 days than any president on record.

The International Monetary Fund is now estimating our economy will grow at a rate of more than 6% this year.

That will be the fastest pace of economic growth in this country in nearly four decades.

America is moving. Moving forward. And we can’t stop now.

President Biden delivered one of the best joint addresses to Congress by a president in decades. Joe Biden has a real long-term vision for the country. He delivered an address that was short on rhetoric, long on optimism, and loaded with accomplishments.

No doubt this was one of the great presidential addresses to Congress in decades. Biden didn’t have to dress up his accomplishments, because he has already accomplished a lot. Biden didn’t have to strain to see the future because he is already leading the nation toward it.
It doesn’t matter who runs on the Republican side in 2024, Joe Biden has already won himself a second term ticket.

Former Vice President Walter Mondale Dies at Age 93


My1sttoday: Former Vice President Walter Mondale dies at age 93.

U.S former Vice President Walter Mondale, who was also the Democratic nominee for president in 1984, died on Monday at the age of 93, Axios reported on Monday evening, citing a family spokesperson.

Before serving as vice president during President Jimmy Carter’s single term in the White House, Mondale represented Minnesota in the Senate for 12 years. Before that, he was Minnesota’s state attorney general for four years.

Mondale also held a post in the Clinton administration, serving as the United States Ambassador to Japan.

According to Axios, Mondale spoke with President Biden, Vice President Harris, former Presidents Carter and Clinton and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) by phone on Sunday, in addition to his friend and former campaign staffer Tom Cosgrove.

Developing story. Will be updated soon.

Meet The Billionaire Twins Who Bought $10M Worth of Bitcoin When it Was Sold For $8

Meet The Billionaire Twins Who Bought $10M Worth of Bitcoin When it Was Sold For $8

My1sttoday: Meet the Billionaire twins who bought $10M worth of Bitcoin when it was sold for $8.

The digital asset economy has made many people rich. The current worth of Bitcoin, a digital asset that was trading a little above $100 in October 2013, is now near $60,000!

While many people were smart enough to invest in Bitcoin early, not many had the guts to go all out for it. Today, we are going to look at the identical twins who were crazy enough to invest heavily in cryptocurrency. The twins started investing in Bitcoin as early as 2012.

They are currently listed on the Forbes Billionaire List amongst the newcomers who reached a billion-dollar status due to their Bitcoin investing.

Meet the Winklevoss The Billionaire Twins (Worth $3 billion Each) 

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are currently worth $3bn each. They started investing in Bitcoin as early as 2012 when the cryptocurrency still sold for $8 and splurged a whopping $10m to purchase the crypto asset, making them one of the biggest and earliest investors in cryptocurrency.

Their gamble paid off and today, they worth a collective $6bn.

The Winklevoss twins are not slowing down, they are instead, making further investments in cryptocurrency. Recently, they invested in a Bitcoin lending start-up named Block-Fi which is now valued at $3bn.

Winklevoss Engaged in a Legal Battle With Mark Zuckerberg 

The Winklevoss twins are no strangers in Silicon Valley. They were Mark Zuckerberg’s classmates at Harvard and they once accused the tech billionaire of stealing their idea for Facebook.

A bitter legal battle between the two ended in the twins receiving significant cash and Facebook stock compensation from Zuckerberg. Some of their cash compensation was invested in cryptocurrency and it has indeed, paid off.

Nike Settles Lawsuit Against Maker of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’

Nike Sues Maker of Lil Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'
Getty Images

My1sttoday: Nike settles lawsuit against maker of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’.

Nike announced on Thursday that it has settled its lawsuit against MSCHF for its “Satan Shoes” collaboration with Lil Nas X.

The Satan Shoes, which were modified Nike Air Max 97 sneakers that purportedly contained a drop of human blood, will be recalled, Reuters reports. MSCHF reportedly agreed to buy back the shoes that have been sold in order to remove them from circulation.

Nike Sues Maker of Lil Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'
Getty Images

Only 666 pairs were made of the shoes, which were released alongside Lil Nas X’s satanic-themed video for his hit single “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).”

The shoes — priced at $1,018 — sold out in less than a minute after they went up for sale last Monday. The price was a reference to the Biblical passage Luke 10:18, which reads, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

“We do not have a relationship with Lil Nas or MSCHF,” Nike said in a statement at the time. “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

A week after the shoes were sold, Nike filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against MSCHF, arguing the shoes created a “likelihood of consumer confusion, mistake, and deception as to the source of origin or relationship of Nike’s products and MSCHF’s Satan Shoes, and has otherwise competed unfairly by unlawfully trading on and using” trademarks without permission.

Nike also argued that it had to hold control over its brand by making it clear what products can feature its signature “swoosh” logo.

Nike Sues Maker of Lil Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'
Getty Images

“In fact, there is already evidence of significant confusion and dilution occurring in the marketplace, including calls to boycott Nike in response to the launch of MSCHF’s Satan Shoes based on the mistaken belief that Nike has authorized or approved this product,” Nike said.

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Dies at 99

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Dies at 99

My1sttoday: Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh dies at 99.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on Friday at the age of 99.

Buckingham Palace announced that the prince died “peacefully” at Windsor Castle.

“Further announcements will made in due course,” the palace said in a brief statement. “The Royal Family join with people around the world in mourning his loss.”

Philip had reportedly insisted that he did not want the “fuss” of a state funeral at Westminster Hall, according to The Times of London. His body is instead expected to lie in St. James’s Palace, similar to the funeral arrangements for the late Princess Diana.

He had retired from public life in August 2017 following more than 20,000 royal engagements. After crashing his car in 2019, he also gave up his driving license.

The prince had been admitted to the hospital in February after “feeling unwell” and was treated for an infection and preexisting heart condition.

The Greek-born royal was a constant companion for the world’s longest-serving monarch throughout their 73-year marriage.

The couple, who are both great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, were married in 1947 in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey that more than 200 million people listened to on the radio.

Philip gave up his naval career and became the queen’s “consort,” the title given to the official companion of the monarch, after the sudden death of her father King George VI in 1952.

“Being married to the queen, it seemed to me, my first duty was to serve her in the best way I could,” Philip said in 2011.

The duke served as the patron of dozens of charities and championed several causes, including environmental preservation and science. He was also an avid art collector and polo player.

However, he brought negative attention to the monarchy over the years for his occasionally racist and sexist remarks.

He is known for helping to usher the Royal Family into the modern age, even becoming the first member of the family to do a televised interview.

“He helped create the model of the British Royal Family that has enabled it to continue forward into the 21st century,” historian Sarah Gristwood told NBC News. “We may have lost sight of that now, but I hope we’ll remember him for it.”

The queen praised her husband’s influence during a speech for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1997, calling him her “strength and stay.”

“I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim or we shall ever know,” she said at the time.

The prince also played an active role in raising the couple’s four children – Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

He is also survived by eight grandchildren: Peter and Zara Phillips; Prince William and Prince Harry; Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie; and Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn. He also had 10 great-grandchildren.

American Rapper DMX Dies at 50 After Battling With Heart Attack

American Rapper DMX Dies at 50 After Battling With Heart Attack

My1sttoday: American rapper DMX dies at 50 after battling with heart attack.

The influential rapper’s death was announced on Friday (April 9) after reportedly suffered a heart attack caused by drug overdose on April 2, My1sttoday confirmed the tragic incident.

DMX’s team shared a statement with XXL this morning: “We are deeply saddened to announce today that our loved one, DMX, birth name of Earl Simmons, passed away at 50-years-old at White Plains Hospital with his family by his side after being placed on life support for the past few days. Earl was a warrior who fought till the very end. He loved his family with all of his heart and we cherish the times we spent with him.

American Rapper DMX Suffers Heart Attack After Drug Overdose, According to Report
DMX/Getty Images

Earl’s music inspired countless fans across the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever. We appreciate all of the love and support during this incredibly difficult time. Please respect our privacy as we grieve the loss of our brother, father, uncle and the man the world knew as DMX. We will share information about his memorial service once details are finalized.”

Amid the news surfacing online of X’s passing, TMZ reported that the rapper underwent brain functionality tests on Wednesday (April 7) to determine if there had been any improvement in his brain activity following his reported overdose nearly a week ago. However, the outlet revealed Thursday (April 8) that there weren’t any changes to DMX’s brain.

News first broke of X being in bad health on April 3, when the alleged overdose was first reported by TMZ. According to their report, the overdose allegedly occurred at X’s New York home around 11 p.m. He was then rushed to a hospital in White Plains, N.Y. where he was admitted to the ICU. At the time, sources said the rapper may be “brain dead” or in a “vegetative state.” Doctors reportedly said his prognosis was bleak.

After initially hearing about DMX’s health concerns, many rappers hopped on social media with prayers and words of support. Rick Ross was the first rapper to send well wishes to X and then others like Swizz Beatz, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes followed. A ray of hope came when X’s lawyer, Murray Richman, told New York City’s PIX11 News that X had been taken off life support and was breathing on his own in the afternoon on April 3. However, Murray later admitted he was given wrong information on the MC’s upgraded health status.

Following news that DMX’s family was flying in to be by his side, a rep for the Def Jam artist released a statement. “Last night Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at home. At this time he remains in ICU in critical condition,” the statement read. “Earl has been a warrior his entire life. This situation represents yet another road he must conquer. The Simmons Family appreciates the overwhelming outpouring of heartfelt love, encouragement, support and prayers for Earl. Earl is someone whose life and music have been a source of inspiration and strength to so many people around the world. It is reassuring to see his fans return that same passion and energy to him during his time of need.”