Canada’s Internet Outage is Caused By ‘Maintenance’

Mysttoday Tech — Canada’s internet outage is caused by ‘maintenance’

One of Canada’s largest mobile and internet providers, Rogers, has apologised for the country-wide outage of its services which began on Friday, July 8th.

The company’s CEO Tony Staffieri said the failure followed “a maintenance update in our core network”.

Transport, banking and emergency services were all hit by Friday’s blackout, with 911 hotlines and bank ATMs left unavailable.

Canada's Internet Outage is Caused By 'Maintenance'
Canada Rogers Internet Outage/Getty Images

Canadians flocked to coffee shops and libraries to find a connection.

The service outage began at 04:30 local time (08:30 GMT) on Friday and lasted for more than 15 hours, but most services have now been restored.

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