Capcom Released Additional Content of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak For PC And Nintendo Switch

My1sttoday Gaming — Capcom released sdditional content of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for PC and Nintendo Switch.

As reported by 4gamer, Capcom has released a large-scale additional content “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” for PC & Switch users for the hunting action game, on June 30th.

In this extended content, a common action “Shipment” that allows you to switch the replacement technique instantly has been added to all weapons, making it possible to enjoy more flexible battles.

More to that, the new monsters “Jue Ginryu Mel Zena” and “Ice Wolf Dragon Luna Garon” , many new elements can be enjoyed, such as the appearance of resurrected monsters from the past series.

“Monster Hunter Rise” is currently on sale on each platform . A trial version is also distributed, so if you want to take this opportunity to touch this work, first play the trial version to check the feel and consider purchasing it or not. You can play the demo version here.

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” is a super-large expansion content that expands the world of “Monster Hunter Rise” and can be enjoyed more deeply.

Centering on the observation base “El Gado” that investigates monster incidents, new monsters called “King’s Three Ducal Ministers”, the kingdom’s greatest threat, as well as subspecies monsters and resurrected monsters from the series are appearing one after another. Monsters that appeared in “Monster Hunter Rise” can also enjoy different hunting in master rank quests by additional actions and balance adjustments.

A new iron bug thread technique that further expands the individuality of the hunter’s weapon has been added to all 14 weapon types. In addition, it is possible to assemble your own action by utilizing the new element “Ship” that allows you to change the replacement technique set during hunting, and “Pioneer”. Experience various hunting actions that have evolved in Sunbreak.

Source: 4gamer, Capcom

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