Extraction 2 Release Date, Netflix Release First Trailer

Extraction 2 release date, Netflix release first trailer.

Extraction 2 is one of the most-anticipated films of Chris Hemsworth. Following the success of the first part in 2020, fans of the film have been waiting for a sequel. While Chris Hemsworth has earlier confirmed a sequel, Netflix recently gave a sneak peek into what would happen in the upcoming film.

Netflix shared a teaser of Extraction 2. The teaser saw a few clips from the first movie. The teaser began with the first part’s end. Chris Hemsworth as Tyler falls off a bridge in Bangladesh after being shot by several bullets. as he falls, a voiceover by Rudhraksh Jaiswal playing Ovi Mahajan says, “Tyler, you drown not by falling into the river but by staying submerged in it.” Tyler then wakes up and swims.

Without exaggerating more have a look at Extraction 2 trailer below.

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