FBI Arrests Man Who Threatened to Kill Speaker Pelosi

My1sttoday: FBI arrests man who threatened to kill speaker pelosi (D-Calif.). An arrest warrant obtained by Atlanta CBS affiliate WGCL-TV revealed that a man identified as Cleveland Meredith was accused of sending several text messages to friends and family referencing a desire to harm Pelosi, as well as statements indicating that he was bringing a gun and ammunition to Washington, D.C.

In at least one text allegedly sent by Meredith and discovered on his phone by FBI agents, the sender talks about “putting a bullet in her noggin’ on Live TV,” referring to the Speaker.

The Speaker’s office did not immediately return a request for comment on Meredith’s arrest.

The Democratic House leader and other members of Congress have faced threats of violence amid the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 November election, which occurred last week after a massive violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol and forced lawmakers to evacuate.

Five people have confirmed dead, more than 50 people were arrested, pipe bombs were also recovered.

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