Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp Dismisses Trump’s Call to Resign As ‘a Distraction

My1sttoday (GA): Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp dismisses Trump’s call to resign as ‘a distraction from more pressing issues.

Speaking to reporters at the state capitol, Kemp said that his top priorities remained responding to the coronavirus pandemic and reelecting GOP Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are facing competitive runoff elections on Tuesday.

“All these other things – there is a constitutional and legal process that is playing out, and I am very comfortable letting that process play out. But that horse has left the barn in Georgia and it’s headed to D.C. right now,” he said of the presidential election.

“The next vote is going to be there, not here,” he continued. “So people need to be focused on the vote that is happening here, and that is right now in early voting and it will be on Tuesday.”

Kemp’s remarks came hours after Trump abruptly called for the Georgia governor to step down. In a Wednesday morning tweet, the president called Kemp an “obstructionist” and attacked him for refusing to acknowledge that he won the presidential race in Georgia, despite President-elect Joe Biden’s roughly 12,000-vote lead in the state.

The tweet was Trump’s latest attack on Kemp, a longtime ally who received the president’s endorsement during his 2018 bid for the governor’s mansion.

Despite his past support, Trump has repeatedly accused Kemp of mismanaging the 2020 presidential election and has demanded that he call a special session of the state legislature to overturn Biden’s win in Georgia.

Congress is set to meet in a joint session on Jan. 6 to certify the Electoral College vote and formalize Biden’s status as president-elect. A number of House Republicans and one senator – Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) – have vowed to challenge the certification when Congress meets next week.

Meanwhile, Georgia Signature Audit reported Wednesday, that there’s no fraud in 2020 Presidential election.

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