GTA VI Leaks Reveal The Storyline Will Take Place in Colombia and Miami

My1sttoday Gaming — GTA VI leaks reveal the storyline will take place in Colombia and Miami.

The new report also reveals that Grand Theft Auto 6 could introduce a cryptocurrency in its gameplay. It will have an in-game cryptocurrency for players to earn and trade.

The game may soon be incoming, next year to be precise, and Colombia and Miami are the locations of choice to build the game around.

Meanwhile, another report shows some exclusive new details about GTA VI. According to the longtime Rockstar insider, Grand Theft Auto 6’s story will follow twin siblings, one male, one female, who are separated following the death of their parents at the hands of the cartel in 2003.

GTA VI Leaks Reveal That The Storyline Will Take Place in Colombia and Miami
GTA VI/Xfire

As for Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar has not forgotten about the standalone title. Matheus claims that Rockstar will extend the map and add Liberty City as well as more activities such as a “Cops ‘n Crooks mode” and feature a fight between players and major GTA antagonist, Don Percival. The leaker also told us that as many as 20 new radio stations could arrive in the game, including one called Carcer Soul FM.

GTA VI Release Date

Rockstar Games plans to release GTA VI in 2024 but rumors are claiming we will see GTA VI hit the shelf next year. We advise you take all this with your favourite cooking seasoning, till Rockstar makes an official announcement.

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