Grand Theft Auto VI: Release Date, Map Size & Setting, All Info’s Leaked

Grand Theft Auto VI: release date, map size & setting, all Info’s leaked. The leaked GTA 6 details came via a reddit user AMA, and the information rounded up also included potential facts about the story, characters and location.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that Rockstar are notoriously known for recluseness. So, these ‘leaks’ for now at least fall into the heavy rumour Categories, which we advise you take with a pinch of salt.

The OP Redditor subsequently posted: “For all I know this could be fake. I found it interesting so decided to put it into a list for more people to determine its credibility.

“Just doesn’t seem that the leaker came up with the things from the top of their head, maybe it was thought out but it is interesting nevertheless.”

GTA VI Release Date, Setting & Map

Firstly, it is reported that GTA 6 will arrive in October 2023 with the console versions of the game being prioritised first and an optimised PC edition to follow afterwards.

The story structure will follow a similar setting to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. So it will split into multiple chapters, and not only that, but the online feature of the game will launch a few months after the single player mode.

It is also believed that the first two chapters are set in the late 1970s in a version of Miami/Florida before progressing through to modern day.

The alleged leaker also revealed that the game’s main story is around 60 hours long, while also claiming the “map is smaller than RDR2 but way dense.”

The mission structure in GTA 6, meanwhile, is also set to be “quite free.”

In terms of the game’s protagonist, however, the details appeared to be rather limited, as the leaker said that Rockstar Games were cautious about spoiling any story details, a report revealed that the GTA VI will feature female protagonist for the first time in the history of the franchise.

Ultimately, though, it does sound like players will end the game as a 34-year-old male, though in the early 1970s chapters it will see gamers playing as this character’s father.

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