GTA VI To Star a Female Protagonist For The First Time In History (Rumor)

GTA VI to star a female protagonist for the first time in history. According to a new rumor, Grand Theft Auto 6 will star a female and male protagonist for the first time in the franchise’s long-running history.

Since the series’ begun, all the way back in its 2D days, a male protagonist has always sat front and center. Is that about to change?

Sincerely, GTAs main characters have been somewhat admirably diverse for a while in terms of race and social class, female characters have never received a fair shot. Even in secondary or tertiary roles, even women in Grand Theft Auto V are often relegated to caricatures and chuckle-worthy archetypes.

According to Tom Henderson, CEO and owner of social media agency Viral Junkie, the next Grand Theft Auto entry will feature two main protagonists – one male and the other female. When asked if he was referring to a previously “leaked” GTA title that journalist Jason Schreier said had no merit, Henderson replied, “nope.” If the protagonist-related rumors proves true, it will mark a historical first for the franchise.

Remember, before you toss up, keep in mind Henderson’s statement remains unsubstantiated, and he didn’t provide or refer any possible source. So take it with a pinch of salt.

These rumors are unlikely to come to a halt anytime soon either, given recent information from an insider that suggests GTA 6 won’t launch for a long time. Still, the prospect of multiple playable characters returning does not sound far-fetched.

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