Hillary Clinton: ‘What We’re Seeing Right Now is a President With Nothing Left to Lose’

My1sttoday: Hillary Clinton: ‘what we’re seeing right now is a President with nothing left to lose’. Former first lady and Democratic presidential nominee blasted President Trump on Twitter Monday, calling him “a president with nothing left to lose” amid his ongoing attempts to undermine the results of last year’s presidential election.

“Georgia voters, along with a clear majority of Americans, chose Joe Biden to be their president. Trump can’t change that, no matter how many oaths he breaks,” Clinton wrote.

In a later tweet, Clinton added, “What we’re seeing right now is a president with nothing left to lose and only one goal-to distract people from the fact that he lost.”

Clinton appeared to be responding to a recorded phone call published Sunday by The Washington Post in which Trump repeatedly asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” the more than 11,000 votes necessary to overturn the results of the election in his state.

Multiple lawmakers and former and current U.S. officials have called for an investigation into Trump’s actions, with some calling them impeachable.

Trump has refused to concede after losing the Nov. 3 vote to President-elect Joe Biden.

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