Jeff Bezos’ Ex-wife, “Mackenzie Scott” Now The 10th Richest Person in Tech

My1sttoday: Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, “Mackenzie Scott” now the 10th richest person in tech.

When we heard Mackenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos are divorcing, we knew she will become wealthy. She was expected to get something substantial from the divorce and in the end, the ‘substantial amount’ made her the 10th richest person in tech.

Mackenzie Scott is currently richer than Michael Dell, and Chinese billionaires, Jack Ma and Wang Xing.

What is Mackenzie Scott’s Net Worth?

According to Forbes, Mackenzie Scott is currently worth a whopping $57.5 billion after getting a quarter of Amazon shares in 2019 following the divorce from her husband. This has made her richer than tech moguls like Michael Dell, the owner of Dell Computers, and Jack Ma, once the richest man in China.

Where is Her Wealth Going To?

Mackenzie Scott has given out more of her wealth than any philanthropist in recent times. Since the divorce, she has given out as much as $5.8 billion to diverse foundations, according to Forbes.

Meanwhile her Ex husband is the second richest person after losing the first spot to French fashion mogul Bernard Arnault on Monday.

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