Kamala Harris to Be Sworn in By Justice Sotomayor Jan. 20th Using Thurgood Marshall’s Bible

My1sttoday: Kamala Harris to be sworn in by Justice Sotomayor Jan. 20th using Thurgood Marshall’s Bible. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be sworn into office by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on a bible that once belonged to first the African American to serve on the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall, according to the report we got from a source.

Kamala Harris has credited both justices as inspirations for her career.

Kamala Harris chose Sotomayor, the high court’s first Latina member, because she was inspired by her background in civil rights as well as her past work as a prosecutor, an experience they both share, the source said.

Before becoming the first Black American and woman to serve as California’s attorney general in 2011, Harris served as district attorney of San Francisco.

In 2017, Harris went on to break another glass ceiling when she became the first Black woman and South Asian American to represent the state in the Senate. She made history again last year she was elected the nation’s next vice president along with President-elect Joe Biden.

Both Biden and Harris will be sworn in on Jan. 20th, making Harris the first Black American, first woman and first South Asian American to serve as the country’s vice president.

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