Microsoft Plans to Sell Xbox Series X Mini Fridge After Winning The Twitter Marketing Poll

My1sttoday Tech — Microsoft plans to sell Xbox Series X mini fridge after winning the Twitter marketing poll.

Microsoft will produce and sell Xbox Series X mini fridges if it wins a Twitter poll later today, it’s said.

Twitter’s official Twitter Marketing account has been running a competition pitting popular brands against each other, and Xbox has reached the final against Skittles.

Yesterday the official Skittles account stated that if it won the poll it would bring back lime-flavoured Skittles, which had been replaced by green apple in 2013, stressing that this wasn’t an April Fools joke.

To counter this, general manager of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg stated on Twitter this morning that if Xbox won the poll, it would start making Series X mini fridges.

Well, after the votes were casted, Xbox won the Twitter poll by just 1% and confirmed it will move forward with plans to sell the mini fridges.

Greenberg had polled fans last October, asking if any were interested in buying potential Xbox mini fridges. Of the 51,000 people who responded, 59% said they would buy one, with another 30% saying they might depending on the price.

Microsoft made real, full-sized Series X fridges in October, sending one to influencer iJustine and another to rapper Snoop Dogg. The promotional items functioned exactly like a normal fridge but made the Xbox Series X boot-up sound when the door was opened.

This is a dream come through for Xbox fans out there who keeps wishing to get their hands on one someday.

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