Rumor: Nintendo Switch is Getting a Price Cut on Monday

Rumor: Nintendo Switch is getting a price cut on Monday.

According to the French gaming deals site Nintend’Alerts, which has accurately leaked a lot of products and deals, the Switch will be getting a price cut this coming Monday, from €329 to around €270.

Nintendo dropping the price of the Switch in only one region would be fairly unlikely, so if this rumor is legit, this will probably be a worldwide price drop. The price drop in America would likely be roughly the equivalent of the euro drop, so expect the system to go from $300 to $250 or $240. It isn’t expected the Switch Lite will receive a price cut.

Take this news with your favourite cooking seasoning. it is somewhat odd timing by Nintendo, as they’re about to launch the Switch OLED model at a higher $350 price point in October.

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