Poll: President Biden Gets 63% Rating Positive Approval

My1sttoday: Poll: President Biden gets 63% rating positive approval. The Hill-HarrisX survey for presidential job for Joe Biden shows approval rating at 63 percent support among registered voters.

Only 37 percent of respondents in the Jan. 21-22 survey said they disapprove of Biden’s job in the White House.

Ninety-four percent of Democratic voters approve of Biden’s job as president, along with 62 percent of independents.

Seventy percent of Republican voters, however, disapprove of Biden’s performance so far.

The survey, taken in the first two full days of his presidency, finds Biden receiving 61 percent support when it comes to the issues of the economy, stimulating jobs and fighting terrorism.

Poll: President Biden Gets 63% Rating Positive Approval
Poll/The Hill

Fifty-seven percent of voters said they approve of Biden’s handling of immigration, and 60 percent say the same concerning foreign affairs.

Biden sees his strongest support on the issues of administering the government and handling the coronavirus pandemic, at 65 and 69 percent approval, respectively.

The recent poll found majorities of voters are confident in Biden’s ability to achieve key agenda items, particularly those concerning the pandemic.

Source: The Hill

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