Samsung is About to Launch a Smartphone With 200MP

Samsung is about to launch a smartphone with 200MP. A reputable insider nicknamed Ice Universe, who often shares exclusive information about new products and latest updates from the mobile industry, announced the imminent release of a new Samsung ISOCELL camera sensor with a record resolution.

According to Ice Universe, Samsung will release several innovative camera sensors for smartphones in 2021. Which we may see it’s first smartphone with such camera pixel in the market soon.

Samsung is About to Launch a Smartphone With 200MP
Getty Images

Ice Universe has repeatedly proved that he has connections in various companies and has leaked information not only about the design of smartphones, but also about new camera sensors, including the current highest camera pixel ‘108MP’, and other equipment.

He was the first to publish real images of the Galaxy S20 and many, other reliable information.

In 2020, he also leaked that Samsung will release a 600MP in the future; which will surpass the capabilities of the human eye. Which insiders have officially confirmed that Samsung is working on it, so he’s worthy to give attention to.

Samsung is About to Launch a Smartphone With 600MP
Samsung 600MP/Getty Images

The image above, shows what a 600-megapixel camera could be on a smartphone if Samsung doesn’t fundamentally change the technology. In this case, the camera alone will occupy 12% of the rear panel area; and the camera unit will protrude 22 mm above the back panel of the smartphone.

I know you can’t wait to see how Samsung will implement such a high resolution in the next generation ISOCELL sensor.

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