Some Lucky PS Plus Users Are Getting Free Games For February

Some lucky PS Plus users are getting free games for February 2021. If your PlayStation account has the little yellow PS Plus logo attached, you’ll be able to download and keep (for the length of your subscription) Control: Ultimate Edition (our game of the year in 2019), Concrete Genie (read our review here) and Destruction AllStars (which is exclusive to PlayStation 5 users).

Subscribers to PlayStation Plus in Japan will be receiving the same three games as the rest of the world – the games listed above – plus an extra title. Pretty cool huh?

PlayStation Japan confirmed the addition of the excellent metroidvania game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night in late January, leading to a general feeling of European and American subscribers being denied. But! Read on, for all is not lost.

Produced by Koji Igarashi, a vital creative force on Konami’s Castlevania series, Ritual of the Night released in 2019 and earned plaudits aplenty for its continuation of the gameplay from 1997’s immortal Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

However, you don’t need to be in Japan to get this bonus PS Plus game – you just need to create a Japanese PlayStation account. It’s not that hard to do – and you’re online already, so if the idea appeals, get Googling (there are loads of step-by-step guides on YouTube, too).

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