Sony Announced PS5 Restock is Happening Today

Sony announced PS5 restock is happening today. The Sony Rewards Twitter account has revealed that PlayStation 5 consoles will be available on its site sometime today.

The account also recommends that users keep notifications on as systems will likely be limited and will sell out fast.

Sony Rewards has not specified if PS5’s would be limited to certain loyal customers or to anyone with a rewards account.

Fans are also discussing on Twitter if Target will see a healthy influx of PS5 units on January 19.

While the discussion has been lively, the likeliness of it being a nationwide rollout is unlikely as all evidence points to specific region’s.

Although, retailers have not given any definitive statements on when customers can expect mass restocks. Fans have noticed that of all the retailers, Best Buy has been the best in curtailing bots from buying up all supply to then flip on eBay.

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