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Bitcoin Could Hit ‘$70,000’ As Jeff Bezos Explores Amazon Payments in Cryptocurrency

My1sttoday: Bitcoin could hit '$70,000' as Jeff Bezos explores Amazon payments in Cryptocurrency. One of the world valuable company is now seeking to hire a...

Dogecoin Worth Surges After Co-founder, Billy Markus Reveals He Bought Doge

My1sttoday: Dogecoin worth surges after Co-founder, Billy Markus reveals he bought Doge. Aka "Shibetoshi Nakamoto" revealed on Twitter that he bought into the meme-inspired cryptocurrency...

Warren Buffett Resigns As Trustee of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gives Away $4.1 Billion

My1sttoday: Warren Buffett resigns as Trustee of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, gives away $4.1 billion. This latest distribution of wealth is part of...

Legacies: Here’s Why Hope Can’t Use Her Vampire Powers

Legacies: here's why Hope can't use her vampire powers. The big bad Klaus Mikaelson daughter Hope, is not yet able to use her vampire...

Microsoft is Now The Second US Company To Reach $2 Trillion Networth

My1sttoday: Microsoft is now the second US company to reach $2 Trillion networth. Microsoft Corp. took its place in the history books as just...

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