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Bill Gate is Divorcing His Wife Melinda After 27 Years of Marriage

My1sttoday: Bill Gate is divorcing his wife Melinda after 27 years of marriage. Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, who is...

Over 400 U.S Businesses Sign On To Support LGBTQ Rights Legislation

My1sttoday: Over 400 U.S businesses sign on to support LGBTQ rights legislation. Hundreds of companies have signed on to a coalition in support of the...

Joe Biden Just Won Himself a Second Term Ticket With His Outstanding Address To Congress

My1sttodday: Joe Biden just won himself a second term ticket with his outstanding address to Congress. President Biden laid out a record of accomplishment in...

‘I Just Became a DOGE Coin Millionaire’ Meet The 33-Year-Old Glauber Who Followed Elon Musk Footsteps and Invested His Life Savings on DOGE

My1sttoday: 'I just became a DOGE coin millionaire' meet the 33-year-old Glauber who followed Elon Musk footsteps and invested his life savings on DOGE. Glauber...

Former Vice President Walter Mondale Dies at Age 93

My1sttoday: Former Vice President Walter Mondale dies at age 93. U.S former Vice President Walter Mondale, who was also the Democratic nominee for president in...

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