The Release of The Xbox Mobile Store is Said to Be Scheduled For 2024, According to Reports

My1sttoday Gaming — The release of the Xbox Mobile Store is said to be scheduled for 2024, according to reports. Tom Warren, a journalist from The Verge, recently appeared as a guest on the latest Iron Lords Podcast episode.

He delved into the repercussions of Microsoft’s successful $68.7 billion merger with Activision Blizzard. Warren emphasized the significance of the mobile gaming market within this deal, underscoring Microsoft’s intention to introduce an Xbox mobile store in the near future.

For Microsoft, it’s all about control when it comes to these games, particularly having them available on Game Pass. While discussions have largely focused on the CMA and cloud aspects of the merger, mobile gaming has been somewhat overshadowed. However, the mobile sector is substantial.

Although players on consoles and PCs might not prioritize it as much, the mobile gaming market is more lucrative than traditional consoles. This is where Microsoft’s plans for an Xbox mobile store, potentially launching next year, come into play. The launch depends on various EU regulations, which could open up opportunities for mobile stores. If all these elements align, it could lead to a significant collection of mobile games published by Microsoft.

The release of the Xbox Mobile Store is said to be scheduled for 2024, according to reports
Xbox Mobile Store/Getty Images

We’ve witnessed Apple introducing games like Resident Evil Village to the iPhone 15 Pro. We’re at the brink of a phase where mobile gaming becomes even more captivating with native games, not solely reliant on cloud-based services.

It appears that the Xbox mobile store is still on schedule for a 2024 launch. As a reminder, Phil Spencer, Microsoft Gaming CEO, initially hinted at this possibility upon sealing the Activision Blizzard deal:

“We want to be able to provide Xbox and content from both our third-party partners and ourselves on any screen where players want to game. Presently, this isn’t possible on mobile devices, but we are working towards a future where these devices are more accessible. The upcoming Digital Markets Act is a part of our planning. We see it as a massive opportunity.”

Spencer had previously emphasized that the mobile gaming strength of Activision Blizzard King was a pivotal aspect of the acquisition. Microsoft believed that establishing a solid foothold in the rapidly expanding mobile market was crucial for the gaming business’s sustainability.

Indeed, the Candy Crush/King franchise is just the tip of the iceberg. Titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo mobile, which belong to Activision and Blizzard, are significant players in the mobile gaming sphere.

This merger positions Activision/Blizzard/King as a force with great PC, console, and mobile franchises. Their mobile capabilities are the key differentiator they bring to Microsoft. Are you looking forward to the Xbox mobile store, expected to arrive in 2024?

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