The World’s First 3D Printed Lab-Grown Rib-Eye Steak Unveiled

My1sttoday: The world’s first 3D printed lab-grown rib-eye steak unveiled, it’s been produced using three-dimensional bioprinting and real cells from a cow. Israeli company Aleph Farms has teamed up with the faculty of biomedical engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology to cultivate a lab-grown ribeye intended to have the qualities, textures and taste of a real steak without killing an animal.

Aleph Farms has grown the ribeye using new 3D bioprinting technology and a culture of live animal tissue. The meat-making process prints living cells that are incubated to grow, differentiate and interact in order to produce the texture and qualities of a real steak.

The process is similar to the vascularization that occurs naturally in tissues. It allows for the passage of nutrients across thicker tissue, resulting in a steak with a similar structure of a traditional cut of meat before and during cooking, according to Aleph Farms.

“It incorporates muscle and fat similar to its slaughtered counterpart and boasts the same organoleptic attributes of a delicious tender, juicy ribeye steak you’d buy from the butcher,” Aleph Farms said in a statement.

Aleph Farms said it is now able to grow any type of steak and plans to expand its portfolio of lab-grown meat products. The lab-grown meat could be a leap forward for meat alternatives once it receives regulatory approval.

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