What Happened to The Weeknd Face? The Plastic Surgery Look Shocks Fans

What happened to the Weeknd face? The plastic surgery look shocks fans. The starboy hit maker sure is embracing “new year, new you.” The Hollywood star akin to extreme plastic surgery — in the video for his new song, “Save Your Tears,” which premiered Tuesday and is from his “After Hours” album.

What Happened to The Weeknd Face?
The Weeknd/My1sttoday

In August last year, the R&B artist prompted concern from some fans when he took to the stage with an apparently bloodied face during the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

Two months later, The 30-year-old Abel Makkonen Tesfaye aka The Weeknd – appeared at the American Music Award ceremony in November wearing bandages on his face.

The Weeknd New Plastic Surgery Face
The Weeknd at AMA/Getty Images

The video for “Save Your Tears” sees the musician wearing the same red suit jacket worn at his last two public appearances.

What Happened to The Weeknd Face? The Plastic Surgery
The Weeknd/My1sttoday

Having removed the surgical bandages, the singer is seen using facial prosthetics to simulate the appearance of extreme plastic surgery, including fillers around his cheekbones and lips.

His grotesquely exaggerated new look definitely left viewers shocked.

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery Face
The Weeknd/My1sttoday

Fans shared their reactions to The Weeeknd’s “new face” on Twitter. One user wrote: “Me praying the weeknd’s surgery is reversible.”

“Why does The Weeknd look like that in the Save Your Tears music video!?! I don’t like it,” wrote another user.

While another fan borrowed lyrics from his 2018 hit “Can’t Feel My Face” to point out a downside to the prosthetics, saying, “i bet he really cant feel his face now.”

What Happened to The Weeknd Face? The Plastic Surgery Look Shocks Fans
The Weeknd/My1sttoday

Another fan speculated that it was “shade” and a response to getting snubbed by the now-postponed 2021 Grammy Awards, a move that apparently left him emotionally bruised — if not physically — and he has continued to hammer on.

Other fans suggested a new line of transform: playing the Batman villain The Joker. Meanwhile, some, drew comparisons to, and called him a “modern version” of late, singer Michael Jackson who undergone a surgery.

If you haven’t seen the music video and The Weeknd new look, we’ve added the video below, enjoy!

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